Dental Fellowship

Enhance your career with a Dental Fellowship!

Take your education and your career to the next level by earning your Fellowship in Special Care Dentistry.

SCDA’s Dental Fellowship Program has been an essential part of SCDA for decades, granting hundreds of Fellows over the years. Securing a Fellowship is a unique opportunity to be recognized for the hard work and dedication you have for your profession and the patients you serve.

International Fellowship Applications

Also, to encourage international Fellowship Applications, the SCDA Fellowship Committee has relaxed the SCDA Annual Meeting attendance requirements. In the past, applicants were required to attend three SCDA Annual Meetings within a five-year period. Now international applicants can substitute two of these required SCDA Annual Meetings with two annual meetings with comparable international organization(s) with proper documentation, as defined in the application.

Already a Fellow? Take the next step by pursuing Diplomate Status in Special Care Dentistry.

Complete your application and portfolio to receive a SCDA Fellowship.

In order to receive your SCDA Fellowship in 2024, your application with at least 100 points, portfolio and payment of $500 must be completed and returned to SCDA Headquarters by February 23, 2024. Any applications received after February 23, 2024 will not be eligible for Fellowship in 2024; but will be eligible for a 2025 Fellowship.

Questions? Please contact SCDA Headquarters at [email protected] or 312-527-6764 so that we may assist you.


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